Business concept and strategy

Colabit is an innovative and rapidly growing Swedish "green tech" company that aims to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Our vision is to help people reduce their climate impact – by producing renewable fuels that can directly replace fossil petrol, diesel and jet fuel.

Through the environmental benefits of our renewable fuels, we promote the development of a low-carbon society.

Business idea

By developing, producing and selling renewable liquid fuels, Colabit will drive the development of sustainable fuels and manage the process from production to sales to retailers.

By granting rights to manufacturing processes through licenses and knowledge transfer to other producers, Colabit will also contribute to developing the market for sustainable fuels globally.

Colabit’s goal is to be known as the player in the market that has made it possible for fossil fuels to be replaced by renewables – both as a producer, licensor and through sales to retailers.

Business strategy

Colabit conducts research and development in the field of energy and the environment with an ambition to lead the market for renewable fuels through innovative processes.

To help with this, Colabit has collaborated with Mid Sweden University and the University of Gävle on the “Green Pro” research project. Gröna Pro aims to develop and commercialize the biochemical processes for the environmentally responsible extraction of fuel from waste products from the forest and pulp industry. Together with our partners, the processes and raw materials of the future are developed to streamline the production of the next generation of renewable fuels.

With the ongoing development of our biorefinery for renewable fuels, Colabit is creating the conditions to reach a global market for the production technology and sale of sub-licenses.

A full-scale production facility in Sweden will be able to shorten the chain between production and the customer and simplify opportunities to sell via retailers.