Mapping the road to a fossil-free future

Colabit helps you reduce your climate impact by creating renewable fuels that can directly replace fossil petrol, diesel and jet fuel.


Renewable fuel for existing infrastructure.

Port of Norrsundet

A safe and sustainable port is being expanded with a modern biorefinery.


Our ambition is to increase the availability of renewable fuels on the market.

Fuel stations and sales

Do you want to know where Colabit’s stations are and how we work with sales?

Information about our fuel stations and sales can now be found at

We need renewable fuel NOW!

Today, not enough renewable fuels are produced to fulfill the reduction obligation. We must increase the production of sustainable fuels in order to phase out fossil fuels.

Full speed ahead with the plans for a biorefinery in Norrsundet!

The next step for Colabit Sweden is the application for an environmental permit, which will be submitted shortly. Colabit estimates that the construction of the biorefinery will take around two years once the environmental permit is completed.

Research drives our development

Colabit's research was a global breakthrough for the development of renewable fuels.

Why electric cars are not the only solution

We need change in several areas at the same time in order to succeed in our transition to a more sustainable society.