Sustainable business

Colabit’s business concept is to provide long-term, ambitious and environmentally friendly alternatives in the fuel sector.

Colabit’s business concept is to provide long-term, ambitious and environmentally friendly alternatives in the fuel sector.

For Colabit, sustainable business means that we work for a sustainable society in terms of social, economic and environmental aspects. We care about our legacy for future generations – both through our renewable fuels and sustainable economic growth.

Sustainability means that we protect existing resources while driving development forward regarding more sustainable alternatives. As an innovator in the fuel industry, we differentiate ourselves by wanting to offer renewable fuels and innovative solutions in a traditional market.

We always have sustainability in mind. This applies to the climate, human health, working conditions and sustainable economic growth.


Environmental work is integrated into our organization and we continuously maintain and improve our sustainability work.

Current legislation and environmental requirements, together with Colabit’s environmental policy, form the basis for our sustainability work that involves both our customers and employees as well as suppliers and contractors.

Personnel and working conditions

Combatting climate change is as important to Colabit as HVO is to the climate.

As an employer, it is important to invest in employee well-being as happy employees are loyal and excel in their work. They stay at the company, increase productivity and are good Colabit ambassadors. No one should be discriminated against or subjected to harassment in their workplace.

We constantly work to create an open, inclusive and safe workplace that is characterized by diversity and mutual respect. Everyone, regardless of background, gender, age or other differences, is treated with the same respect.

Everyone is given the same opportunities for their career, personal development and well-being when working for Colabit.

Respect for human rights

Our zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination applies to both our employees and to our value chain partners. We follow laws and regulations and strive to be a responsible player in society. We take responsibility for our business and strive not to violate human rights. However, we must continue to identify additional risks related to our operations and what we can do to counter them.

Countering corruption

Risk of corruption and bribery can arise in all business relationships and interactions with other parties. Through making ethical business guidelines available to our employees, we can reduce the risk of such situations from occurring. Even within this area, further work is required to identify the risks and counter them in our operations.